The First Store System

Chapter 1464 Purple Mantigre(7)

Chapter 1464  Purple Mantigre(7)

Chapter 1464: Purple Mantigre(7)

The Purple Mantigre met the shocking factor Ruhun desired in the summoned beast and helped him find at least one beast from the store.

Ruhun then left the queue and walked toward the square device. He joined the queue and silently waited for his turn. There was no frustration in waiting on his face, but he was anticipating whether the shocking factor would remain after the taming battle.

After waiting for a while, it was finally his turn. He didn't waste any time and put the beast card in the card compartment and his hand in the respective section.

The next moment, Ruhun found himself in a different environment. An astonished expression appeared on his face as he looked at himself.

His cultivation had reduced to peak Supreme God, but it wasn't what surprised him. What made him feel that way was the ease with which the action played out. He had no say in the matter. Even his body was what it was at the peak of the Supreme God level, and there was no sealing factor involved.

Ruhun then calmed down and looked around, finding himself in a vast open space with random terrain. The sky was dark, and thunder could be seen flashing occasionally.

There was also a miasma spread across the area, and once Ruhun breathed the air, he found it was poison. Its potency wasn't very high, but the quantity made sure that Ruhun needed to be careful.


Suddenly, a weird cry rang in the area, and Ruhun looked in that direction.

The Purple Mantigre appeared from the metal sand and angrily hissed at Ruhun. Ruhun had been a Sacred Creator for countless years, and still, he felt a chill crawling down his spine when he got stared at by the beast.

The Purple Mantigre was a top level predator, and it showed in its eyes.

The Purple Mantigre was a unique beast like Ruhun, but it had long disappeared from the Sacred Dimension. It didn't die, but it ascended to the Primordial Dimension.

Ruhun didn't let that moment of surprise affect him and immediately backed away, dodging the slash. At the same time, he stepped forward and struck.

His hand was like a sword as it tried to cut through the beast's head. The hand failed to hit the beast, and only hit its afterimage.

The battle had only started, and with time, it turned brutal. The Purple Mantigre, being a top-level predator, knew only killing skills. All of its skills caused exponential damage despite having simple names and abilities.

At the same time, the poison in the area also affected Ruhun. But that was it. Ruhun didn't feel much pressure from the battle, but after several hours of fighting and no end in sight, Ruhun had no choice but to take the match seriously and stop treating it as fun.

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The beast activated [Malevolent Eclipse], and following that, the already dark sky turned even darker. Ruhun felt dread creeping through his body. A dreadful sound hit him and disrupted his focus.

Immediately after, the beast activated [The Symphony of Evolution].

Before Ruhun could even handle the disruption, he felt his body getting drained of strength, vitality, and energy.

It wasn't the end since the Purple Mantigre activated another skill after that. It was [Maleficent Symphony], the strongest attacking skill it had.

Rumble! Whoosh!

The sky rumbled as thunder began to gather around the beast. The poison miasma turned into a vortex, sucking every bit of poison in the range of hundreds of miles. Metallic sand spread across the area and began to float up. It flew toward the gathering thunder.

An eerie sound rang in the area out of nowhere, and with it, a dreadful pressure originated. It not only affected Ruhun but also the elements spread across the area.

Ruhun didn't stay silent and waited for his doom. He wasn't a Sacred Creator at that time, but a peak Supreme God level cultivator, fighting to win the battle.

Despite getting his strength drained, he gritted his teeth and activated the strongest ability he had at that juncture.

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