Past life sage: This life a dual cultivator

Chapter 505 Devils' method

Chapter 505  Devils' method

"Master, please spare me. I will do anything as  long as you command", Zou Kui knelt down immediately after hearing Zhan Chen's words. Even a ruthless devil like him couldn't help but shiver when he heard Zhan Chen's ruthless command.

"Have you ever thought about leniency when you are torturing human girls?", Zhan Chen looked towards Zou Kui. He was not a cold blooded cultivator but the deeds of these five devils, chilled him to the core. Anything else like mass killing, sacrificing souls were fine because they had a purpose but these five were torturing  human girls for their entertainment. Zhan Chen felt boundless fury surging inside him when he recalled the helpless faces of all the girls these five had tortured. Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update

"Master, please", Zou Kui pleaded again. Infront of death, all his dignity as a proud devil from the Abhorst empire disappeared.

"Fine, I am not you. I will not force you to do the deed yourself", Zhan Chen spoke. He pushed his hand forward and five tiny sword rays came out from his palm. Zou Kui couldn't even react when the tiny sword ray punctured his heart. His four companions put up a momentary struggle but their resistance was futile infront of Zhan Chen's might.

"Now, let's see if I can refine your souls. Initially I am against such practices but I will not feel anything even I refine your filthy souls", Zhan Chen murmured to himself. He collected five lumps of intangible soul and started to refine them with his soul energy.

'This is more troublesome than I think. These devils' souls have too many impurities', he thought to himself.

He kept refining the souls for a while and finally the five lumps of soul became completely free of impurities. "This is a gift to three of you. If this method works on you three, I can use this method for my women", Zhan Chen murmured.

The three girls who were fully asleep felt like they were becoming more powerful in their dreams. Their souls strengthened as a whole and their fatigue started to fade away. All three of them opened their eyes at the same time and found Zhan Chen looking at them.

"Follow me. I will send you to the Xuantian sect's camp", Zhan Chen spoke. He didn't even give them the opportunity to speak as he started to walk towards the distance.

The three young girls finally came to their sense after Zhan Chen started to walk away. There are too many things they wanted to say to Zhan Chen. There are too many gratitudes to pay to him. But Zhan Chen didn't give them the opportunity. They took a look at the fallen devils and hurried over to follow behind.

The liquid had a foul smell and it corroded the ground whenever a drop of liquid fell on the soil. The devils pulled a batch of human corpses and brought them closer to the sinister looking plant.

'Tip! Tap!', it was as if a humongous beast was drooling. Large drops of poisonous liquid came out from the mouths of the tentacles. The devils ran away after bringing the corpses closer. The thorny tentacles immediately pounced upon the corpses as soon as the devils brought them over.

The sinister plant strangely pulsated after devouring all the human corpses. Few minutes later, it emitted a large amount of devilish essence into the surrounding.

"Good, continue to feed it corpses. As long as the corpse eater fiend tree with us, we can convert any place in this world", the devil who was incharge of supervising the sinister looking tree spoke. He signalled his subordinates and they brought over another batch of human corpses.

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