Chapter 518 Join The Sect I

Xing Bao'er shook her head at Huo Rui. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you, Big Sis. Big brother said it was a secret place, so he forbade me from telling anyone."Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update

Although she was curious about it, Huo Rui did not intend to press Xing Bao'er to say it, and she spread her senses to other areas. However, her expression turned angry after she found Yang Hao and Cai Yan sleeping naked, and she realized that they were already a couple. 'Damn it! That little girl is ahead of me! Tch! I can't continue like this, and I have to think of a way to get him!"

"What's wrong with you, Big Sis? Are you angry with me because I didn't tell you the secret place?"

"No, I'm not angry with you, and I was just thinking about something else." Huo Rui answered Xing Bao'er by shaking her head. "Does this mean you can't turn into a human again?"

"Not really." Xing Bao'er then came out of the pool and returned to her human form, and she immediately sat beside Huo Rui. "I can transform whenever I want, but I don't feel comfortable living on land after I became a siren, so Big Brother deliberately made this pond for me."

"A siren, huh?" Huo Rui muttered as she nodded in understanding. "Do Long Wang and the others really care about you?"

Xing Bao'er nodded strongly. "Yes, I'm actually an orphan, and I don't know the identity of my parents. At first, I didn't know Big Brother and Mom Hua, but Big Sis Qing brought them to the orphanage to meet me and the other children, and I stayed with them ever since."

Hearing that, Huo Rui felt sorry for Xing Bao'er, and she rubbed her head while comforting her. "It's okay; even though you don't know your parents, there are many people who love you now, so you don't need to be sad or lonely anymore."

"Hehe." Xing Bao'er giggled at her words. "Big Brother and the others always love and pamper me, and I am delighted to be with them, so I asked Aunt Hei to turn me into a demon."

"Who exactly is Aunt Hei? How did she turn you into the demon you are now?" Huo Rui was curious about it, as she had never heard of such a thing before, and she felt that it was really unusual.

"Aunt Hei is the spirit of darkness, so she knows a lot about demons and the like."

"The spirit of darkness?"

"Yes." Xing Bao'er nodded to Huo Rui. "I don't know how to explain it to you, but there are several spirit women on Big Brother's side."

"Oh? Who are they?" Xing Bao'er immediately told Huo Rui about the identities of the spirit women, surprising her. 'Who exactly are they? Are they cultivators from other higher realms? Doesn't that mean they are powerful? No wonder Long Wang is so confident in facing our clans; it turns out he has many strong protectors.' "I'm going back to my room to rest, especially since I have to pass several tests to join the sect tomorrow."

"Yes, Big Sis."




Early in the morning, everyone had gathered in the main hall for Chen Li's wedding ceremony with Dongfang Hanyue and Dongfang Hanxue, including the members of the Di Clan.

Unlike his wedding to Feng Xian'er, Chen Li's wedding to the Dongfang Twins was very simple, and they only held a traditional wedding ceremony without a wedding party, as the two women had wished.

Besides, the three of them didn't immediately have their first night as couples, especially since Dongfang Hanxue still needed her virgin qi to train the ice phoenix scripture and the divine yin scripture, and they would also join sects.

Although Dongfang Hanyue couldn't wait to do it with Chen Li, they were twin sisters, so she decided to wait for Dongfang Hanxue to be ready to do it with their husband.

After everything was done, they changed clothes to prepare to leave for the sects, but some of them seemed worried about their daughters, especially Yun Mingyue and Jia Qing, because Yun Qing and Su Mengyao had never fought before, so they were worried about their situation in the sect later.

"Mom! Aunt Qing! You two don't need to worry about us, okay? Even though YaoYao and I have never really fought before, we've trained hard in the past few months, so we can take care of ourselves." Yun Qing, whose mind was much more mature than Su Mengyao's, tried to convince their mother.

Su Mengyao nodded in agreement with her bestie. "Moreover, not only the two of us went to the sect, but Xian'er Jiejie also went with us, and we can enter Tianyi Realm whenever we want, so there's nothing you two need to worry about."lights

Yun Mingyue and Jia Qing could only agree after hearing that, especially since their two daughters seemed eager to join the Blazing Moon Sect. "All right, you two can go to the sect, but you must always take good care of yourselves, and you must often meet us, okay?"

"We will." Both young girls answered as they nodded in unison.

"Are you guys ready?" Feng Xian'er and others nodded to him, and Chen Li spoke to Xiao Kong'er. "You can send them to their respective sects now."

"Father, she doesn't need to send us to my sect." Xue Lan said as she handed the returning jade to Dongfang Hanxue, Shen Qing, and Luo Yi. "They can use it to go there, and we will immediately arrive there. As for your restaurant branch in the northern region, I will immediately send people to meet Keiko and the others in the northern mountain city."

"That's good." Chen Li then kissed the three women. "All right, you guys can go now."

After that, the four women broke their returning jades and disappeared from the sight of the others. As for Feng Bing'er, she didn't need such a thing to go to the Mystic Moon Sect, especially since she was able to arrive there in just a few seconds, and she immediately followed them there.

After that, Xiao Kong'er slashed the air several times, creating several holes connecting several areas, shocking Huo Rui, who was also among them. She then spoke to Mayumi Keiko, Shiori Aya, and Tang Wan. "The three of you can enter the left hole, and you guys will arrive at the northern mountain city directly. Even though that region is quite calm, you still have to be careful, and you must escape if you encounter any danger."


After the three women disappeared, Xiao Kong'er pointed at the hole in the middle, as she said to Dongfang Hanyue, Zhao Ying, and Chen Zhiyi. "After you pass through this portal, the three of you will arrive not far from the Purple Moon Sect, so you can look for Zi Gang, and I will catch up with you later."

With excited looks, the three women immediately entered the hole, and Xiao Kong'er closed the previous two holes.

"Let's go now; I can't wait to see the sect." Feng Xian'er said as she led the other three women to enter the last hole, and three other women followed behind them.

However, Xiao Huoli directly took Chen Wei'er and Xiao Xianglin to the Yang Clan, as Chen Li had contacted them to help his two wives find a place and employees for their restaurant branch in the eastern region.

Afterwards, Di Xiong led his eldest granddaughter, the Xuanyuan mother and daughter, and Liu Ying to the Silver Moon Sect. Besides, Xiao Jianyi also went away with them

"Brother, I will take them to Bright Moon Sect." Sun Xing'er said as she pointed at Song Susu, Liu Yue, and Di Jing.

"All right, you must continue to protect them, Xing'er." After they left, Chen Li hugged and kissed his twins, and he spoke to Lin Qingzhu and the others. "I leave Yan'er and Long'er to you, but you can hand them over to Xian'er every night, and I will visit them in that sect."

"I know." Lin Qingzhu then warned her son. "I know you're strong now, but you have to still be careful when you're in the sect, especially since you already have two children now. Do you understand?"

"Don't worry, I'm not a troublemaker." After he said that, Chen Li looked at Yang Hao and the three women by their sides. "Let's go; we have to go to the Blue Moon Sect now."

"I will lead you, brother." Yang Hao said as he took Cai Yan flying with him, and Chen Li took Bei Yudie with him, causing Huo Rui to grumble in her heart.



Sometime later, they arrived at a spacious area, and the area was already filled with hundreds of prospective disciples. Even so, their numbers were incomparable to the prospective disciples who wanted to join other sects, as dual cultivators were considered unusual in the Seven Moon Realm.

However, the three women didn't see anything there, so they turned to Yang Hao, who immediately explained it to them. "The Blue Moon Sect is indeed in this area, but there is a concealment formation covering their sect, so not many cultivators can find them."

"That's true." Chen Li nodded as the formation was unable to deceive his divine god's eyes, but he did not expect that their location was so vast, and there were three high peaks in the sect. Suddenly, he turned in another direction as he smiled faintly. 'Hey, I'll definitely have fun later.'

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