Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

Chapter 789 789- Rank Up- [B] Tier Intermediate Ranking Dungeon (3)

It was highly likely that the space of the dungeon was locked and its communication jammed. Thus the reason for the chaotic message the Demon Lord of Envy showed them.

At that time, he still believed that he had enough time to grow his dungeon until it became a behemoth kind of existence that couldn't be toppled down easily. However, the recent events told Simon otherwise.

He cannot let his guard down even for a second. Although there is no proof that the things he discovered in the underground chamber of the criminal organisation in the tower town are connected to those people who are responsible for conquering the dungeons, in the case that it is, he needs to be prepared.

On that note…

"Mars you did an excellent job by cornering the prey and discovering their plot in the underground chamber. Bea you too. Just as I said before, I am willing to grant any of your wish. If there is anything you want, don't hesitate to speak up".

Although Bea stayed behind and didn't participate in the recent mission, she nonetheless was on board with Mars' plan and helped him teleport all the captives and the machines that they were manufacturing for Prime to study.

She was entitled to a reward as much as everyone.

"Thank you my lord for your generous words. However, serving you is the biggest reward one can ask for. I don't need anything else"…

Another deferential response, Simon already knew she would reply like that. He didn't get his expectations up, on the contrary, he was even relieved hearing her response.

This was Bea after all, who knew what she might end up asking? It was not like Simon was oblivious to her feelings.

Contrary to Bea and the others, there was someone who finally opened his mouth and muttered a response that was different from the usual deferential answer all his subordinates gave.

"My lord, there is one thing that I want to ask of you?"

Mars arched his head and looked at Simon from his position. Finally, one of his subordinates was asking something of him. If it was not something beyond his capability, Simon decided to grant them their wish.

This would set a good precedence. Mentally praising Mars for a job well done, he asked— "What is it Mars, you don't have to feel reserved. Ask away"…

"Yes" Mars too did not stand on ceremony and made his request "The thing is, I want to create an elite unit of my own that serves my lord and protects this dungeon in times of need. I want my lord to grant me this permission".

Most of the subordinates present inside the hall, wore various expressions of surprise on their face. Mars was the first one among all of Simon's subordinates to ask for a reward. What's more, the reward he asked for did not benefit himself but was all for the master he served.

Creating an elite unit that was led by him and which directly served Simon, the master of the dungeon and the highest authority here. If Mars was requesting something like this, then his goal was clear.

People like Coleus, Prime, Berigard and the others looked at Theodore, Maybell and the other Guardians. The Guardian on the other hand were looking at Mars with intrigue and amusement in their eyes.

Especially Theodore, he was looking at Mars as if he was looking at something that he found very interesting.Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update

Why would he not? After all, saying those words to their master meant that he wanted to stand on the same grounds as them. That is to say, Mars' goal was to become a Guardian, the pillar that supported the dungeon, just like them.

"Hoh, are you sure? Granting the permission is not difficult for me. However, the path you have chosen is not easy. You should already know the level you need to reach that goal of yours. The rank of guardian is the highest in the dungeon after the dungeon master. Only a limited few people can sit on these seats. You not only need to have strength backing that rank, but you also need to be acknowledged by the dungeon"

It was as Simon said, the position of the Guardains, the rank that comes directly after the dungeon master, was limited. Right now, there were already five Guardians. What's more, all of them are chosen by the dungeon itself.

Simon did not know how many guardians his dungeon Laplace could appoint. Nevertheless, he knew that it could only be a handful more.

It was not like he didn't have any confidence that Mars could become stronger. In fact, being his first subordinate, he trusted Mars more than anyone and knew that the latter could become much stronger in the future.

However, in this world there was the absolute restriction called the bloodline limit that any and all creature of this world is constrained to.

When he first summoned the Bloodthron Demonic Warhorse, it was ranked [B] by the Status. However, after the Naming ceremony, its rank rose up to [A]. Considering the fact that all those who were assigned the rank of Guardians were at least [S] rank, it could be seen that [S] rank was the bare minimum to become a Guardian.lights

It wasn't just based on level, but individual specialness. Or else Cecilia and Wisp wouldn't have become a Guardian. It was the same with the Valkyries, given their strength and uniqueness, they too ought to get the rank of Guardians.

However, the rank that they got was Administrators, a rank that was a few levels below the Guardians. From this one could see how stringent the requirement to become a Guardian was.

"I am aware my lord, and I have made my resolve. I will become strong enough to be regarded as your most powerful subordinate"

Mars spoke with an undeterred determination. There was no hesitation in his voice nor any doubt only pure confidence and tenacity.

Simon was a little amazed as well as a little surprised by the resolve of his subordinate. The cause to protect something and the intense fervour to become stronger was something that he too shared. As such, he knew what Mars was feeling.

That said, more than him, the ones who were most affected by the last sentence of Mars, were obviously the Guardians. To dare and say in front of everyone that he would become the most trusted and powerful subordinate of their master, how could it not light a fire in them?

"Heh, looks like somebody is underestimating us. Very then, I'll take on the challenge. Let's see who become the most powerful and trusted subordinate of Master" Theodore declared, revved up by the atmosphere.

"Maybell you agree with me, right?"…

"I don't know brother, Isn't it good that he wants to become a Guardian? Why do boys always have to be so competitive"…

"Right… right… boys are always like that, getting fired up over the smallest of things"… Cecilia added, backing Maybell up.

"What did you say? Hmph, I knew it, girls don't understand a thing. In a situation like this, it's obvious to take on the challenge".

While the immature ones started bickering among themselves, the mature ones like Irene smiled looking at Simon.

"You have good subordinates"…


And so, feeling the determination of the Bloodthorn Demonic Warhorse now known as Mars, Simon gave his permission. In any case, he himself wanted to see what great heights this first subordinate of his would reach in the future.

Although he did not know at that time, but this decision of his would come to effect his dungeon greatly in the future. An elite legion led by the Legion Commander Mars would etch their names in the history of Althaea.

Defeating every army and opponent they faced with an unsurpassed record. However, that is something for the future. For now, even Simon couldn't have predicted the result of his actions. After the audience was over, Simon ordered Prime to stay behind and dispersed his other subordinates.

Now that the plague infecting the tower town was gone and it was in the midst of rebuilding itself anew again, the dungeon would soon get busy. This meant that his subordinate would not be able to stay idle too.

They all had their own tasks and responsibilities handed to them. As such, they soon left after the audience was over.

Now inside the hall, Simon, Prime, Irene, Cecilia and Bea were the only people remaining.

"Hey brat, why did you ask me to stay? If it is to ask about the Resonancer, I already told you that I'm in the last stages of completing it. As you know, I am shorthanded. The robots you send, although can carry the orders as they were told, they lack ingenuousness and creativity. To be honest, they are simply boring to work with. If you want that machine to be completed fast, send some capable workers to my abode"

Prime opened by complaining about how short in staff he was. He was the only one among his subordinates to call him a brat. Nevertheless, Simon did not mind.

"I understand; however, there is no available workforce for me to assign to your tool shop"

Dungeon Laplace was severely lacking in manpower. The Forest Spring Spirits were already busy running different errands and the Andromedas although excellent workers lacked something significant that the living had.

All the people he could trust already had their plates full with all the work. And although the increasing population of the forest spring spirits was a good sign, it would still take some time for the children to grow up into proper adults and help him manage the dungeon.

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