Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 248 - 248: Mo Yi Went to See Liu Mengyao!

Chapter 248: Mo Yi Went to See Liu Mengyao!

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This time, the skill damage of the Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Void increased from 0.005% to 0.007%. hi other words, after gathering 10,000 sword qi, the damage could reach 70 times the damage of Lin Chen’s dual attacks!

This was very terrifying.

Now, Lin Chen’s sword could deal more than 200 million damage!

However, there was one more thing…

After Lin Chen reached Rank three, he realized that the effect of the soul sea was starting to increase.

First of all, the soul sea could affect HP.

For example, Lin Chen’s HP had reached 4.5 million!

Even though Lin Chen had advanced and his strength had reached Rank three,

However, according to the calculations of the advancement, his HP should only be 3 million.

The additional 1.5 million HP was the bonus of the soul sea.

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In addition, the soul sea could also increase defense.

However, it did not affect his attack or speed.

From this, it could be seen that after reaching Rank three, the effect of attributes would gradually be smaller than the soul sea.

No wonder when Lin Chen fought the Thirteenth Emperor Jing, the moment his Heavenly God Tiger Dharma Idol appeared, it first caused Lin Chen’s soul sea to tremble… At this level, his soul sea also began to become a relatively common method to attack the enemy.

However, Lin Chen’s dual attacks had still reached 3 million!

His speed had also reached 10,000 meters per second!

What kind of concept was this?

In other words, Lin Chen’s fastest speed could reach one-third the speed of light!

If he was fast, not only would he be able to escape quickly,

There were also many cultivation techniques, such as Lin Chen’s Object Manipulation Technique, that could also be enhanced by his speed stat.

It could be said that 1,000 Holy Crystals was indeed an astronomical figure.

However, after Lin Chen spent them, the benefits to himself were obvious.

The key was that the current cooldown time of the Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Void only needed six hours now!

It was getting shorter.

In the past, Lin Chen did not dare to use the Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Void casually.

That was because the cooldown time was too long.

And now…

There was no need for Lin Chen to deliberately save his skills or not bear to use this strongest strike!

The chaos of the aristocratic families was over!

The Li Dynasty obtained a complete victory with Zhang Tianwei and his disciples as the core.

In the end, they defeated the aristocratic families that had ruled the Immortal Spirit Kingdom for a thousand years. This was the victory of the dynasty.

At the same time, it could also be said to be a huge victory for the entire Immortal Spirit Kingdom.

From now on, there would be no obstruction to the Li Dynasty’s official system.

As for all Immortal Spirits, no matter what their background was, as long as their talent and bloodline were strong enough, they had a chance to rise!

On this day, all the immortal spirits were celebrating.

And it lasted for a long time.

This was because… Ji Wei was about to be conferred the title of Holy Maiden of the Immortal Spirit Race.

It was a grand ceremony.

Just as the ceremony was being held, Dragon Spirit Kingdom, which was far away, welcomed some special envoys on this day… Ice Nation, Elven Princess Mo Yi, accompanied the War King Achilles’ diplomatic mission to the Imperial Capital.

Mo Yi met the empress of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom and gathered the 100,000 Blue Planet people who had been wandering around Ice Nation. She registered all of them and handed them to the empress of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom as a handover for the Blue Planet people to return to the human race.

Dragon Qingyue then announced that the Blue Planet people, who had suffered all kinds of hardships but were determined to return to the human race in the end, would all be given 30 soul crystals as resettlement fees and all of them would be placed in the Sea Conqueror Province.

At this moment, Mo Yi mentioned going to Sky Moon City to take a look.

Out of courtesy, Dragon Qingyue naturally wouldn’t object.

Then, Mo Yi led the elven guards to Sky Moon City.

Before she came, someone had already informed Snow Foam and the others.

“Why is the princess of the elves here?”

In the City Lord Residence, Bai Shuyi had a puzzled expression.

“Is it because of you, Deputy City Lord?” Ling Xiaoya had followed Lin Chen to the Frost Kingdom, so she asked.

Snow Foam smiled bitterly. “How could it be because of me? If it wasn’t for Lin Chen, she probably wouldn’t have known me… Shuyi, there’s something I don’t know how to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Bai Shuyi looked over curiously.

“Forget it.” Snow Foam thought for a moment. After all, this matter might affect the relationship between Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao, so she decided not to say anything.

What if Mengyao got angry when she found out?

However, Ling Xiaoya said, “Does the elven princess who’s coming this time like my idol Lin Chen? I remember that when I left Ice Nation with my idol, there seemed to be an elven princess chasing us all the way.”

Snow Foam was also dumbfounded.

How did Ling Xiaoya know so much?

Lin Chen, I didn’t expose this…

If Mengyao is really angry in the future, don’t blame me!

Snow Foam did not dare to speak anymore.

However, Bai Shuyi said, “What are you afraid of? Now that that princess has come looking for you, do you think Mengyao doesn’t know her? If you don’t tell Mengyao, you might even make Mengyao very passive! Seriously, I’ll inform Mengyao.”

Then, Bai Shuyi left Sky Moon City and headed for the territory of the Holy Maiden Tribe.

In the end, when Bai Shuyi arrived at the Holy Maiden Tribe, she realized that there was already an elven guard standing outside the mountain gate…

“Oh no!”

Bai Shuyi was dumbfounded.

Did these elves come so quickly?

It seemed that Mo Yi was indeed here to show off!

Then how did she know about Liu Mengyao?

After thinking about it carefully, it was not difficult to guess.

Ice Nation had the most players. If Mo Yi wanted to know about Lin Chen, she only had to ask those players and she would easily know that Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao were a couple in the game. Moreover, they had an extremely good relationship..

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